Looking for CMS News? Check out our new CMS News page

As you know, last year we launched our innovative new CMS Directory, which we are constantly in the process of ramping up and improving thanks to your awesome feedback.

Yesterday, we launched another service that we think is pretty awesome, our new CMS News page.

What's cool about it?

For starters, every single product in our CMS directory that has an RSS feed url attached to it, gets to have their latest news displayed on this page. What we are doing is pulling the latest news items from the last 7 days from around the CMS world and showing them to you in an easy to use list. This isn't some mom and pop aggregator, though. This list can be filtered by product name and you can toggle the summaries quickly for easy browsing.

Help us make it better!

How can you help? If you are a vendor, make sure your product is listed in our CMS Directory and has an RSS feed url within. How do you do this? Easy. Just submit it using this handy Add a new CMS form.

One your product is accepted and approved (usually within 48-72 hours) your latest news items will begin showing on our CMS News page! It's that simple! The best part? You get the added bonus of having an entry in our directory, so make sure you include videos and screenshots and as much detail as you can to give your product the best exposure possible.

Not a vendor? Maybe your just a fan of a particular product? That's ok! You too can submit a CMS to our directory, we just ask that you make sure the form is as complete as possible (and check first to see if it's already listed) and we'll do our best to fill in any blanks.

We hope you like it!

We work hard to make sure we offer you as much content and useful information as possible when it comes to this ever evolving market. If there's something you feel is missing please let us know.

Go check out the new CMS News page for yourself and be sure to bookmark it for regular reading!