Limelight Networks Decides Content Management is Not for Them and Sells off Clickability

In a move that isn't particularly a surprise given the lack of effort they put in the platform, it looks like Limelight Networks has given up trying to be a Content Management vendor and has sold off the rebranded Clickability they  acquired back in 2011 to Upland Software.

We attempted to get in touch with Limelight a few times during the 2 years they had Clickability under their belt (rebranded as Limelight Orchestrate) but the responses we received back showed they were making no real effort to push the platform. As such, it's not a shock that they've sold off the platform to yet another company. Sadly, all they have managed to do is ruin the Clickability brand by wasting two years of time in the market, something that doesn't lend well to customer confidence when looking for a platform. Now, with Clickability being pushed to yet another company, I'd be surprised if any customers take the platform seriously.

“As the Limelight Orchestrate Platform grows to support an ever-widening ecosystem of content, channels and devices, the sale of our web content management business enables us to concentrate our efforts on expanding Limelight's unique delivery optimization capabilities, where we see attractive market opportunities and enjoy a leadership position,” said Robert Lento, chief executive officer of Limelight.

In a nutshell this translates to a “we couldn't hack it so we sold it” statement. Perhaps with Upland Software, we'll see Clickability treated properly and given the attention it needs to be competitive in this saturated market.

To learn more, read the announcement from Upland Software.