LightCMS Rolls Out Blogging Enhancements

LightCMS have announced yet more enhancements related to blogging, giving users greater control of when blog posts are published, customization ability, and additional search engine optimization related enhancements.

The popular platform allows you to have a website ready in just a few clicks, along with a suite of tools and features including eCommerce, blogging, stats, and more.

Team members over at LightCMS have certainly been busy recently. This is the third notable update in just over a month, with interface changes and security improvements being recently unveiled.

For today's news though, let's take a look at what's new for LightCMS bloggers.

Publish Time, Meta Tags Description & More

LightCMS have introduced four new blogging features with this update, and here they are below:

  • Publish Time: Makes it possible to write posts in advance and schedule them for publication at a future date and time.
  • Meta Tag Description: Each blog post now automatically uses the post summary for the Meta tag description by default.
  • HTML Head Fields: You can now you to enter custom header content such as JavaScript, CSS, or additional meta tags for each blog post. This functionality was previously available for pages only.
  • “Read More” Links: This user-customizable text displays at the end of the blog summary. Clicking the link displays the full blog post.

Also, LightCMS have thrown in some extra fixes and enhancements to go with these new blogging features. For example, files with SVG extensions are now supported by the file uploader, whilst copying a website now automatically creates it as a trial.

You can read about each of these new features and fixes in greater detail over at LightCMS' blog announcement.

Interestingly, LightCMS have also seized this opportunity to begin displaying their release notes. Release notes for this update, as well as all future LightCMS updates, can be found here.

To find out more about LightCMS, check out their website.

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