Liferay Recruits Leaders from the Open Source Community

Liferay, Inc., provider of the market’s fastest growing open source portal and collaboration software, recently announced a new Community Leadership Program, designed to give its already active open source community of over 35,000 members additional input into product directions and community affairs. The company has identified a roster of 12 community members of various backgrounds from around the world.

“Our community has been active since 2000 and is one of the most dedicated and vibrant in the open source world,” said James Falkner, Liferay’s Community Manager who spearheaded the program. “This program identifies existing leaders, fosters growth of new leaders, and gives them the opportunity to participate in product development and thought leadership.”

The leadership team consists of a small yet diverse group of developers from a wide spectrum of professional backgrounds, ranging from users and partners to hobbyists and software architects. Many have been contributing to the Liferay platform for several years and boast deep knowledge of the technology, making them capable mentors for newer community members.

“I have been a big fan of Liferay technology for a long time and appreciate how the company continues to keep its community open and inviting for everyone,” said Bendiabdallah Yousri, a developer at SQLI Company and one of Liferay’s newest Community Leaders. “This openness is a big part of what keeps me excited about Liferay—the opportunity to participate makes me want to help evolve the technology.”

The dozen community leaders will be able to participate in product roadmap decisions. They will also have a new Community Verifier status in Liferay’s issue tracking system that allows them to lead other community members in issue reporting, tracking, and resolution. Additional features will be added to this program in the future, which will further enable the growing Liferay open community, open source team.

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