Liferay Portal Released in Enterprise Edition

Liferay, Inc., provider of Liferay Portal, the world’s leading enterprise open source portal, recently announced the availability of Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE). The new commercially licensed version of the award-winning open source product, which is offered by subscription with guaranteed long-term support and maintenance, provides organizations a low risk alternative for adopting and maintaining cutting-edge open source technology.

Liferay Portal EE is made available via Liferay’s Enterprise Subscription and Support, a combined support and maintenance subscription that also provides business-critical service level agreements up to one hour response times, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. In addition, a longer support period provides stability and ongoing updates to organizations seeking to use a single version of the portal over several years. Each enterprise version will be supported with ongoing bug fixes and security and performance enhancements made for the life of a subscription. Liferay Portal EE’s inaugural release includes over 200 enhancements in the areas of security, performance and persistence.

“Enterprise Edition addresses a previously underserved market segment: enterprises seeking the optimal balance between long-term
stability and cutting edge technology,” said Bryan Cheung, Liferay’s CEO, “Liferay Portal EE offers an adoption and maintenance strategy for customers unaccustomed to the open source software model, offering the benefits of cost reduction, innovation and flexibility but at a lower risk and with higher predictability.”

Liferay’s Enterprise Subscription and Support offering is rounded out with a customer service portal, web-based incident tracking, an enterprise knowledge base, and a web-based update repository where organizations have direct access to service packs for their version of Liferay Portal EE. Software indemnification and legal indemnification is also available. For more information, please visit

The open source distribution of the product, Liferay Portal Standard Edition (SE), will continue to be offered freely to the public under the business-friendly MIT license. Those seeking to download and test-drive the very latest features of Liferay Portal can still do so at