Liferay Marketplace Launches, Offers Over 70 Apps and Themes

Liferay has always been a company focused on finding new ways to improve the overall experience for their users and recently, they launched the Liferay Marketplace, a place where users can download enterprise apps and themes. At launch, there were already over 70 Liferay developed apps and themes in the marketplace.

liferay marketplace

Liferay Marketplace supports multiple goals we have wanted to deliver over the last few years,” said Brian Chan, Liferay's Chief Software Architect. “It greatly enhances our customers' abilities to extend their existing web solutions in a manner that saves them on time and the costs associated with solution upgrades. Also, in keeping with Liferay's longstanding commitment to creating value for the open source community, Liferay Marketplace aims to make it easier for a larger community of developers to share and distribute innovations as easily consumable modular applications.

In concert with the launch, Liferay has opened the marketplace to outside developers and welcomes them to begin working to put together apps for submission. The next planned phase of the marketplace will bring with it built in transaction and payment processing. This is great news for end users and can only help to build the already burgeoning community that surrounds Liferay's suite of products.

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