Liferay Announces 100% Year-Over-Year Growth

Liferay, Inc., provider of the market’s fastest growing open source portal and web content management product, recently announced strong community, fiscal and market share growth for 2010 as well as upcoming strategies for expanding the community and eco-system in 2011.

Liferay enjoyed a solid year of business growth in 2010 that included a triple-digit increase in revenues, accompanied by an increase of staff to over 200 with new offices in Hungary and Brazil. The company also saw the number of its services partner network expand to 85 around the world.

In addition to the community and enterprise releases of Liferay Portal 6.0, the company added new technologies to its portfolio, including:

  • Liferay Developer Studio
  • Alloy UI framework, in collaboration with the Yahoo YUI team
  • Kaleo workflow engine
  • Three Liferay-on-Liferay programs:
  • Liferay Enterprise Support Application (LESA) for customer support
  • Liferay LIVE – for community webinars
  • Liferay Operations Support Bus for internal operations

“We’re extremely happy with our 2010 results from product, revenue and operations perspectives,” said Bryan Cheung, Liferay’s Chief Executive Officer. “Thanks to these successes, we are very well positioned in 2011 for expansive growth of the community, customers, and overall market share.”

Beyond advancements in business and technology, the company also took steps to improve community relations and grow its business eco-system. To rally support for the company and product, Liferay hired James Falkner from the Sun Portal team as the new community manager. By providing the community with resources and a process for the incubation and approval of ancillary projects on, Liferay hopes to foster development of new web development technologies that will connect as modules into the Liferay core services.

A major initiative in 2011 is the Liferay Marketplace, an online space for buying and selling modules and solutions that leverages Liferay as a strategic web platform for web sites, applications, and solutions specific to several key industries. Liferay will also target companies looking to implement social networking within the enterprise. Those seeking to implement social applications, Social Product Marketing (defined by Liferay), or enterprise social collaboration leveraging OpenSocial components will be able to use Liferay’s core capabilities for an enterprise wide platform.

“What it means to have a presence on the web has changed dramatically in recent years,” said Michael Cote, Analyst at leading industry firm Redmonk. ”The zealous adoption of social networking sites shows demand for a rich, person-infused life online that's about much more than consuming static content. Companies are discovering that embracing this more social web experience is helping drive business through their external sites and increase productivity on internal web properties. An open source, mature platform like Liferay has proven itself here. The company and community are keeping good pace with web innovations and the patterns of use, updating, and growing its portfolio to give platform users what's needed to create these contemporary web offerings.”

Such strategies and growth has helped Liferay garner industry acclaim, including:

  • recognition as a Leader/Visionary in Gartner’s 2010 Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals
  • recognition as the most popular Java web content management system by Water & Stone’s “2010 Open Source CMS Market Share Report.”

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