Latest Site Executive release adds support for Adobe ColdFusion 9 and Android-based Smart Phones

Systems Alliance Inc., a regional systems integrator providing high-value IT and business consulting services, today announced the release of Enhancement Pack 7 (EP 7), a software update for version 4.1 of the company's SiteExecutive™ Web content management system (CMS). EP7 adds support for Adobe ColdFusion 9 and Android-based smart phones, as well as other user-requested enhancements.

Support for the ColdFusion 9 Platform

To address immediate customer requirements, Systems Alliance has tested and certified SiteExecutive 4.1 on ColdFusion 9, released by Adobe in October 2009. ColdFusion 9 includes a number of enhancements which Systems Alliance will leverage in forthcoming versions of SiteExecutive, including:

·         Microsoft Office file interoperability

·         Microsoft Office SharePoint integration

·         Built-in support for Java portlet standards: JSR 168 and JSR 286

Enhancing the Mobile Web User Experience

SiteExecutive includes several capabilities which make it easy to deliver mobile-friendly Websites, including the auto-detection of leading mobile devices, such as the iPhone and Blackberry. EP7 enhances this process to ensure support for Android-based devices (on February 16, 2010 Google announced that 60,000 Android cell phones are shipping per day), such as the Verizon Droid and Google Nexus One.

User-Requested Enhancements

EP7 includes a number of customer-requested enhancements, including:

· Support for Firefox 3.6

· New configuration options for Site Outline module (used for auto-creating site maps)

· Performance and usability improvements

A complete list of EP7 enhancements is available on the SiteExecutive Support Center (requires login).