Latest ocPortal release candidate includes importers for Joomla and WordPress

The latest release candidate of what will soon become ocPortal 4.3 comes with a number of new features. The most significant of these is a new importer for the popular open source CMS platforms, Joomla and WordPress.

Some other features that this new release candidate bring to the table include:

  • HTML website importer
  • iCal exporter
  • Quiz responses CSV exporter
  • New “importer redirects”, so that when you go to import it'll easily redirect you to the correct place in ocPortal for cases when import is done natively through modules (e.g. CSV importing)
  • New Comcode ‘pulse' tag (as seen on our website, where we write ocProducts (it's configurable with parameters)
  • Added submit-URLs to the side_news block and main_forum_news block and side_forum_news block
  • Added reply counts to the side_forum_news block
  • Added new parameter to main_leader_board block, to filter out staff from the points leaderboard
  • Added CAPTCHA support to the main_contact_simple block and main_contact_us block
  • The search will now auto search for expanded day selection if it can't find results for the default days selection (and tell the user it did)
  • Allowed the download A-Z index to support ocFilter notation

This is, of course, just a sample of the full changelog which you can find here.