KnowledgeTree Adds Peace of Mind to the Cloud with Offline Document Backup

KnowledgeTree, provider of cloud-based document management solutions, today announced a new offline backup functionality for its enterprise plan customers that will provide further assurance to users maintaining documents in the cloud. Customers are now able to download a backup of all their content and associated metadata – workflow details, security settings, activity streams, etc. – stored in KnowledgeTree's online document management application, providing business users with a little extra peace of mind.

Surpassing the backup capabilities of consumer-oriented document management applications currently available, KnowledgeTree is again enhancing its on-demand offering for the midmarket business customer. Recently, KnowledgeTree announced a single sign-on functionality through a partnership with OneLogin that makes it easy for users to quickly access their documents while logged in to other best of breed SaaS applications, and also adds a layer of security to address the concerns of mid-market customers using a SaaS solution. The new backup functionality allows KnowledgeTree to further bolster customer confidence that their documents are safe.

With this feature, customer content is available for immediate download via secure HTTP, FTP and rsync connections, ensuring a quick and efficient backup. Downloads are encrypted and password-protected. Documents, while still available anytime and anywhere via the cloud, can now have backup versions housed on an organization’s own servers.

“We’re always seeking to improve our product, and customer feedback is a crucial part of that process,” said Daniel Chalef, KnowledgeTree CEO. “A number of our business customers wanted the extra assurance that a backup functionality provides. While KnowledgeTree’s software remains very secure in the cloud, we certainly understand the peace of mind having backup files on-premise provides, and we are happy to deliver this important functionality to our customers.”

About KnowledgeTree

KnowledgeTree makes sharing content and controlling document processes simple with secure, affordable online document management solutions for growing SMBs and departments at larger companies. Designed for business professionals, KnowledgeTree is easy to use, does not require extensive training and enables content to be accessed and managed anytime, anywhere via cloud computing. Rich and open APIs allow for seamless integration of popular third party business applications.

KnowledgeTree accelerates return on investment by streamlining document-centric business processes and increasing collaboration with workflow, document alerts, version control and full transaction histories. KnowledgeTree is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter @knowledgetreesw.