More Than a Fad: Kentico Research Implies That Smartwatches Are Here to Stay

Despite evident backing from the likes of Apple and Samsung, Smartwatch technology is still viewed by many to be a passing fad.

However, Kentico, the enterprise-grade CMS, CXM and eCommerce solution, has thrown its weight behind the Smartwatch industry by setting out some research-backed marketing guidelines.

Brands as large as Starbucks, Mazda and Twinings all trust Kentico with their online presences.

Kentico carried out their research in aid of their newly released White Paper, entitled, “Smartwatches: The Opportunities & Challenges for Marketers

The Marketing Era of Respectfulness

The White Paper highlights a number of key points surrounding Smartchwatch marketing, although one of those points in particular stood out for me.

“More than anything, advertisers and marketers will need to learn how to be even more respectful of their audiences.”

This statement from Kentico is in reference to the hyper-personal (and perhaps one might argue, hyper-public) nature of Smartwatches.

Push notifications sent to a smartphone are typically viewed when the user is alone, or at least in an environment where viewing messages and marketing material are appropriate. In other words, the user gets to choose when and where to start reading notifications.

When it comes to Smartwatches though, marketers must realize that those same push notifications will be seen almost immediately, and perhaps by more than just the Smartwatch owner.

Unlike with other smart technology, the owner has far less choice over their environment when receiving such messages, thanks to instant wrist vibrations and the ability to quickly glance down at whatever just popped up on their Smartwatch screen.

Marketers will have to further consider the timing of their content, its wording and the importance of each push notification. Because without a doubt, even semi-regular messages that disturb a user's day or environment will be enough to warrant them tapping the unsubscribe button.

Too Expensive & Not Enough Functionality

Kentico's research also included a survey, conducted around the question, “Which of the Following Reasons Are Keeping You from Buying a Smartwatch?”

Respondents mostly opted for the answer, “Too expensive” (69%). The second most selected answer though, was “Not enough reasons to use one” (38%).

To be fair to the Smartwatch industry, those same two obstacles are traditionally faced by new tech. The iPod was, once upon a time, a fairly expensive and one-dimensional piece of equipment. Many thought it was too expensive, while others couldn't find enough functionality to warrant any cash at all.

With this research, and with the resulting marketing guidelines, Kentico is a company that sees a future for the Smartwatch. And I for one, totally agree with them.

Download Kentico's White Paper here.

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