Kentico Introduces Windows Azure Competency

Kentico Software (, the Web content management system vendor, today introduced the Kentico CMS Windows Azure Partner Competency and awards Bit Wizards the first recognition. This competency provides Kentico CMS customers the opportunity to recognize partners based on expertise in delivering Kentico CMS driven websites into the Microsoft’s cloud.

“Any Kentico CMS Gold partner who completes three or more Kentico CMS Azure implementations and successfully passes the Kentico Azure knowledge test with a minimum score of 80% is eligible to receive this recognition of their experience. Our goal is to allow a customer to immediately identify a Kentico CMS Gold Partner that has experience in delivering a key technology like Microsoft Windows Azure,” said Petr Palas, CEO and founder of Kentico Software. “We are introducing Windows Azure as our first competency given the increased customer demand and to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their enterprise cloud implementations.”

Kentico currently has 1,200 partners who actively use Kentico CMS for their web development projects. 154 of these partners reached the Gold Certified Partner level. 32% Gold partners come from North America, 45% from Europe and 23% from the rest of the world.

“I am pleased to announce that Bit Wizards, a Gold Certified Kentico and Microsoft partner is the first to receive this competency. The team at Bit Wizards continues to work closely with Kentico and Microsoft to ensure the highest quality customer engagement and value for the Microsoft cloud,” said Thomas Robbins, Product Evangelist at Kentico Software.

“Cloud computing is an important evolution for the industry. The extensibility of Kentico CMS coupled with our deep understanding of the Windows Azure technology makes the two an ideal fit,” said Vince Mayfield, CEO and Founder of Bit Wizards.

More information about Kentico CMS and Windows Azure is available at:

More information about Bit Wizard’s and their Kentico Microsoft Windows Azure implementation is available at: