Kentico 9 Released With Integrated Campaign Management, MVC Support & More

Kentico Software has revealed the latest version of its CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform. Kentico 9.

Founded in 2004, Kentico is an Enterprise Web Content Management System and Customer Experience Management solution, available as an on-premise or cloud solution.

Kentico 9 is a sizeable update, bringing about a long list of improvements from MVC support to Modularization. Let's take a closer look.

A Look at the New Features of Kentico 9

Kentico 9 moves the platform forward quite some bit. Here's a detailed fifteen minute introductory video to get the ball rolling.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration means that new changes are published more efficiently than ever before thanks to continuous delivery. Kentico 9's new Continuous Integration Solution is designed to be easy to set up, reliable, and fully automated.

This reduces the need for manual deployment, allows for better and faster detection of integration problems, and helps reduce and even prevent errors and loss of data – all resulting in reduced development costs.

Integrated Campaign Management

Brands are facing issues when it comes to creating, managing, and evaluating campaigns based on incoming data.

Kentico 9 enables such brands to do all of that from a single, unified control panel. The new reporting engine is accessible not only for campaign management, but also for email marketing.

ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC Support)

MVC is the fastest growing developer framework, helping companies to build better performing, more scalable websites.

In recognition of this trend, Kentico 9 has embraced MVC to a much higher degree than ever before.

Improved Web Farm Support

Kentico 9 is optimized for cloud deployments. Improvements such as auto-scaling support are geared at simplifying every user's life.

The platform has been geared to respond to the environment as it scales up or down, minimizing the amount of administration that companies have to do in web farm scenarios.


The final major upgrade comes in the form of modularization.

With Kentico 9, it's much easier to move code between modules, and move modules in between projects. This functionality had its beginnings in version 8, but it has been dramatically expanded in version 9.

Evolving & Delivering on Promises

Kentico's Technical Evangelist, Bryan Soltis, made some interesting remarks about how the product is evolving:

“Kentico 9 is evolving along with the .NET community and is a major step forward in terms of technology and capabilities.

The new release demonstrates that we're listening to our customers, to our partners – and even to those companies that aren't customers and partners – to see what features and capabilities they need and what obstacles remain in their way.”

Kentico's CEO, Petr Palas, on the other hand, spoke of how Kentico is keeping its promises:

“There are only a handful of vendors who offer customers the full range of capabilities, from CMS through E-commerce to Online Marketing. There are even fewer who can deliver on that promise. Kentico is one of those companies.”

To find out more about Kentico, visit their website, or check out the Kentico 9 announcement. You can also view the new home page for Kentico 9 at

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