Kajona Release Version 4.4 of Their Content Management Framework

The popular content management framework Kajona today announced the release of Kajona version 4.4.

Since its founding in 2004, the open-source, PHP5 based platform has grown into a comprehensive and powerful framework that provides a wide range of use with a wide range of modules. According to developers, the main focus of the framework lies in usability and performance.

With version 4.4, Kajona are hoping to enhance their platform like never before, with a long list of improvements. So, let's take a look at what's new for Kajona users.

Fastsearch Capabilities

More than 400 changes were integrated by the Kajona team in order to build the new version 4.4 “fastsearch”. Besides the optimization of existing functionality and modules, the new, index-based search engine is the biggest change shipped with Kajona 4.4.

Kajona 4.4 Search Engine

While still being enabled for the backend only, tests prove that the index-based approach provides results way faster, especially for large databases. Complex search queries with combined filters and terms are possible using the API but not yet integrated into the user-interface.

Future releases will concentrate on a flexible, user-friendly query box. The search index is updated automatically as soon as a record is being modified. The definition what contents will be added to the index is made on object / class level; each property marked with “@addSearchIndex” is added to the index during index-updates.

Messaging, Backend Polishing & More

The layout of the backend was polished and optimized for Kajona 4.4. Input fields supporting the user by autocomplete suggestions indicate the availability of this functionality by default. The path navigation is able to handle a large number of entries and adopts to the screens width automatically.

Kajona 4.4 Toolbar

When working with a data-record, the different actions are available using a toolbar directly. This avoids the time-consuming navigation via the list-views.

The messaging center integrated into Kajona is now also configured using a new configuration panel.

Kajona 4.4 Messaging

The activation of message-providers is now way more user-friendly. The dependency management of packages is now formatted more user friendly, spotting unfulfilled dependencies is now way easier then before.. Built and implemented especially for developers, the new, parametrizable properties reduce the effort to localize interfaces.

Kajona makes use of established and well known syntax, e.g. from the Java-world: It is possible to inject values for the placeholders {0} and {1} into the expression “hello my {0}, today is {1}”, depending on the use case and other conditions.

Since Kajona 4.4 includes several bug fixes, security updates, and updates for compatibility with current web browsers and web server systems, the upgrade to 4.4 is recommended to all users. The update is available and recommended via the integrated package-management.

To find out more about Kajona 4.4, check out their official news release. Additionally, you can dig up some more information on Kajona via our CMS Directory.