JotForm 4.0 Takes Building Web Forms to Mobile Devices, Offline

JotForm, a popular web form building tool, announced the release of its new form builder today — JotForm 4.0. In the company’s first major update since 2010, JotForm 4.0 now offers the first fully functional online form builder that works on a mobile device. Every element you need to create any type of form — from basic address and name fields, to payment processing integrations — can be created using your phone or tablet. Plus, there are a number of other significant upgrades as well.

Advanced Features for Simplified Form Building

JotForm 4.0 features handy offline capability in case you lose internet connection while editing a form. When your device reconnects to the internet, all of the changes you made to your form are saved automatically — greatly reducing the headache of losing your work if there’s no wifi or cell signal available.

The new version also features the ability to simultaneously collaborate and edit a form with members of your team. As workplaces go global and remote, being able to work on complex forms with colleagues at the same time means getting great forms produced faster than ever.

But the most obvious change users will notice in JotForm 4.0 is the modern interface. It’s a significant upgrade in aesthetics from the previous version. Popular, but previously difficult-to-find features and widgets can now be found right at users’ fingertips.

JotForm has been a major player in the online form building space since they were founded in 2006, but 4.0 shows significant improvement. The tool, which requires zero technical skill, is commonly used for forms of all types, such as collecting applications, processing payments and donations, registering event guests, and for generating business leads.

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