Jease 2.0 released - The Java CMS which makes you smile

I'm happy to announce the release of Jease 2.0 which is a big leap forward transforming Jease into a full-featured Content-Management-System. Jease started as Content-Management-Framework with a simlpe example CMS on top of it about two years ago. Over the time Jease matured more and more into a feature-rich Content-Management-System while preserving the ease of use, customization and maintainability.

The main theme for the 2.0 release line is to continue the journey from a developer oriented Content-Management-Framework to a user-friendly Content-Management-System which tries to make publishing in the internet as easy as possible. Nevertheless Jease targets Java web developers who want to things getting done without headaches.

Main new features of Jease 2.0 are:

  • Transparent Relocation: no more broken links when renaming or moving content.
  • Instant Preview: just click “View” without the need to save your work before to see a preview.
  • Group Select: use the new “select mode” to drag & drop several content objects at once.
  • Link Checker: let Jease find broken links to external sites automatically to keep your site in good health.
  • Redirection Service: create complex redirect rules based on regular expressions directly through the CMS.
  • Translation Service: it's far easier to translate Jease into a language of your choice. Jease comes with translations for cn, de, en, es, ja, fr, it, pl, pt, ru out of the box.

You can find more changes and bug fixes in the detailed release note.

If you want to play with some of the new features, you can use the demo:

Have fun and keep it (j)easy.