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Jaws Project releases new updates to Jaws CMS

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The Jaws Project has announced a new update to the incredibly easy to use Jaws CMS.

This update offers tons of new features such as a new forums gadget, a comments gadget for centralize manage comments and much more.  Here's a quick summary of some of the updates in this release:

  • Added Forums gadget
  • Added Comments gadget for centralize manage comments
  • Added Jaws_ORM
  • Added mootools framework as default javascript library
  • Added support dynamic ACLs
  • Added BBCode plugin
  • Added inline playing audio/videos by using BBCode plugin
  • Added HTTP errors handling to UrlMapper gadget
  • Added installing jaws with sample data
  • Added some new actions: online user, online statistics and latest registered users
  • Added CAPTCHA to login box for security reason
  • Added authentication type selection to front-end login box
  • Added profile, about and contacts actions to Users gadget
  • and much more.

For more details on this release, check out the Jaws listing in our directory and follow their home page link.

CMS & Marketing / Jaws Project releases new updates to Jaws CMSLast updated on January 5, 2019
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