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JAPS (Java Agile Portal System) Version 2.0.10 released

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A new release of JAPS (the Java Agile Portal System) is now available. This new version of JAPS introduces the new “entity interface” which allows the configuration of the entity types, the CMS content types and the modification of the entity attributes.

jAPS version 2.0.10 also includes:

  • MySQL scripts
  • Search by page code in Page Management
  • Update of moo-jAPS library
  • Two new fields in CMS contents: the version and the username
  • Translation of Javadoc notes in the source code
  • Update of contents preview
  • Links to a page with the current stable version number in the back office

More informations are available on the JAPS website.

CMS & Marketing / JAPS (Java Agile Portal System) Version 2.0.10 releasedLast updated on January 5, 2019
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