Jahia xCM: Above & Beyond Responsive Design

The widespread use of mobile devices including smart phone and tablets, has served as a catalyst for companies and website owners everywhere to increase their focus on mobile optimized versions of their sites.

More Internet traffic is being funnelled through mobile devices than ever before, and such traffic is only rising across the world as time goes on. So, opting for a responsive design should keep everybody covered, right?

Not exactly. In reality, responsive design is what the name implies – design. It will ensure that your website is navigable, and that text and images can be seen without too much hassle.

Yet, there is so much more to optimizing your website for mobile devices than just making the desisn responsive. Thankfully, the capable enterprise management system, Jahia xCM, does a good job of recognizing that, as I will soon discuss.

Being More Than Just Responsive

Responsive design is great. In fact, in today's fast moving world of mobile evolution, responsive design is a must.

However, website owners and organizations looking to optimize their content for mobiles need to look deeper than simply the looks of their website. Focusing on the quality of the user's experience, overall functionality and how easily the design can be tweaked, are all vital.

For example, many companies opt for code-laden mobile responsive websites, which are often just as difficult to edit and add to as they were to build in the first place. This is especially the case when attempting to customize the design of a website for each mobile device on the market, which for many will seem like a mammoth task.

In light of these extra factors surrounding responsiveness, Jahia xCM – a powerful content management system built to enhance the online presence of businesses, has some pretty interesting solutions and features, some of which turn such mammoth tasks into manageable ones.

Going The Extra Mile With Jahia xCM

When it comes to optimizing the user experience for a wide range of mobile devices, few content management systems can do it as comprehensively as Jahia xCM, especially in lieu of their latest Jahia xCM 6.6.2 update.

For example, Jahia xCM enables you to tailor your website experience for each visitor, based on profile, the device they're using, and based off a variety of other factors.

Also, both non-technical and highly experienced website builders can comfortably utilize Jahia xCM to achieve optimum results. The admin control panel is extremely easy to use, allowing you to selectively include, exclude and modify elements on your pages with just a few clicks.

Jahia xCM

Jahia xCM also provides high definition device  emulators, showing you your website on the screen of a range of devices, allowing you to preview, modify and personalise the experience that each user will get, depending on the device they use to access your content.

Jahia xCM

With these highly detailed customization and management options, it's easy to see how Jahia have trancended the level of simple responsive design, and have even managed to make the entire procedure moreuser friendly in the process. So, if you're interested in taking your responsive website to the next level, without the need for custom code which is difficult to maintain, check out Jahia xCM.

For more information, you can also find Jahia xCM on our CMS Directory.