Jahia EE v6.1 Launches with Enhanced Search and Maximized SEO

Jahia, the premier provider of web content integration software – combining web content management, document management and portal features – today announced the release of Jahia Enterprise Edition v6.1, with a number of compelling new features. Key improvements include an optimized search mechanism, enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with new powerful URL mapping definition and new social modules to engage website visitors.

“Jahia 6.1 confirms the strength of our development model. Two of our major clients financed various generic enhancements in this new version. As ‘Pay or Contribute’ program members, they influenced the Jahia roadmap and guaranteed their investment by securing long term support and evolution within the ecosystem of Jahia users,” said Elie Auvray, CEO of Jahia Solutions Group. “Our customers experience immediate benefits, while contributing to the long-term project. This collaborative business relationship confirms the dynamic nature of the Jahia project, and validates our sustainable open source business model.”

Better-defined search results

Jahia EE v6.1 provides enhanced search speed and fine-targeted search results, delivering documents, multimedia and other web content. The embedded full-text, open source search engine from Lucene provides advanced search filters and tag library support. Users can define the scope of a search across a given site, sub-sites—or even 3rd party content repositories—to quickly obtain ranked search results with document previews. Jahia supports the OpenSearch standards, which allows end-users to easily access their preferred search engine directly from within their browser.

In addition to Web content, Jahia can search within documents, including Microsoft Office and PDF files. New faceted search capabilities provide dynamic drill-down navigation through the assignment of multiple classifications to any content objects.

“Did you mean…?”

Jahia EE v6.1 delivers a new “Did You Mean…?” feature with search spelling suggestions to improve search results.

Semantic Search

As information overload is rapidly becoming an important issue due to ever-increasing adoption of Content Management techniques, Jahia is a member of the IKS project, working on new set of semantic features based on the Interactive Knowledge Stack (http://www.iks-project.eu/). This project is in parts funded by the European Commission. New dynamic ways of accessing information are emerging

Tag Clouds are now completed by Semantically-driven Related Content areas, Breadcrumb path by facetted and taxonomy-driven navigations, keyword search by new Social and Semantic-powered Search.These new features aim to provide a better way to contextually filter and surface the most relevant content items for a given user. While the Commission’s project is still a work in progress, Jahia customers will be among the first to enjoy its benefits.
SEO enhancements

Jahia EE v6.1 also enhances its “friendly URL” capabilities through implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. A new vanity URL feature allows the addition of any number of URL aliases to a page. This is a key tool that yields great results for website marketers.

To avoid being penalized by search engines, Jahia makes sure no links are outdated and that all internal and external links are up-to-date and up-and-running. The new Jahia Link Checker feature extends internal integrity checks to all external broken links that infuriate end-users and lead to poor search engine results.

New Social Modules improvements

User generated content, Social Media, and other marketing campaigns are becoming must-have features in any CMS. Jahia EE v6.1 enhancements include:
• A revamped blog template that runs either as a standalone blogging site, or as a plugin for existing Jahia projects. This module provides a solid and flexible platform for deploying user-generated blogs, with a complete set of features including direct content creation (no popup, no edit mode), user-generated comments, ratings, tag clouds and built-in faceted search.
• A Newsletter module that helps marketers and other information workers create and customize Enterprise-grade newsletters to keep in touch with their communities via internal or external marketing campaigns
• A form builder that allows editors to quickly design and deploy any type of form. Power knowledge workers with no technical expertise can now easily add a new form to any page of any virtual site.

Available for immediate download

A 60-day trial version of Jahia EE v6.1 is available for download at www.jahia.com.