Jahia announces new version of Digital Experience Manager

Jahia Solutions Group (www.jahia.com), vendor of the most advanced open source Digital Experience Platform, today announced the availability of Digital Experience Manager (DX) 7220.

Renewed and versatile User Interface

Jahia DX 7220 comes with a highly visible change: an entirely renewed user interface, paving the way to Jahia’s future product experience.

Named-code Anthracite, this new UI reflects feedbacks gathered from customers focus groups carried out along the development phase. It has three major characteristics:

  • In-context website management (edit mode) offers a far more large space to work on
  • Modern and consistent UI through all DX capabilities especially for integrated digital asset management features and out-of-context content management features
  • And it can be activated / deactivated at the both the user and the administrator level!

Changing the user interface of a core product is always a challenge for both existing customers and new ones. Existing customers feeling lost in their customary environment, new customers, wary of trying out a brand new product. Well, we tackled both these issues with our renewed interface, allowing each administrator, and even each user to choose to activate it or not. The feedbacks we gathered from our focus groups are very enthusiastic and we feel confident that this is the smart and progressive way to support change in organisations.” comments Elie Auvray, Chief product Officier and co-founder at Jahia

About Jahia

Jahia is a software vendor that provides the most comprehensive and integrated open source Java Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that unifies content, applications and customer data for truly personalized customer experience. Leveraging Jahia’s DXP strong continuous integration capabilities and easy to use interfaces, IT & Marketing teams build and manage together all their multichannel initiatives, faster than with any other solution. Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Jahia Solutions Group has its North American headquarters in Washington, DC, with offices in Houston, Toronto and throughout Europe. Jahia’s loyal customers community counts hundreds of global brands and organisations such as HomeAway, BNP Paribas, Sodexo and the European Parliament. For more information: www.jahia.com