Ixxus launches Social Content Platform for Alfresco Enterprise Content Management customers

Information management specialists Ixxus today announced the launch of its Social Content Platform for users of the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.  Alfresco is the leading global open source ECM provider with nearly 2,000 customers in 55 countries and Ixxus is the first company to develop a specific module for managing and creating social content across the platform.

The Ixxus Social Content Platform features out-of-the-box integration with existing social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, meaning that users can create a central repository based on Alfresco for managing both their traditional and now social content. Through being able to disseminate and access information quickly and in a consistent manner via a single platform, organisations can improve both brand awareness and customer loyalty, as well as create revenue opportunities.

“Being able to manage and share social content effectively is becoming a huge challenge for a lot of organisations as the rules have changed regarding how people consume media and interact online. Whereas previously organisations may have had control over the content they published, today’s social media channels are making this a much more difficult task,”

said Paul Samuel, Director at Ixxus.

“While recognising the importance of social media, many organisations currently manage it in a siloed fashion using a number of different tools and with very little integration with their existing content management systems. Furthermore, it can be very difficult for organisations to keep track of and record all their social media interactions with customers, which is becoming increasingly important when it comes to customer service. With our Social Content Platform we aim to provide Alfresco users with one co-ordinated point where they can publish their social content and interact with their online audiences in a more controlled and efficient fashion.”

The Ixxus Social Content Platform offers users a number of features including:

  • Integrated social content publishing – Out-of–the-box integration with your existing website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, enabling users to directly publish to social media sites from their content management system. As an open platform it will also allow for easy integration of future publishing channels. Ixxus has even created an algorithm that will help reduce content to 140 characters so it can be sent out via Twitter.
  • Central management of feedback – The Social Content Platform also provides users with the ability to view and respond to user comments via a common interface. This means that users no longer need to use separate tools and ensures better response consistency across all social media channels.
  • Review and publish workflow – Organisations can set the necessary workflow publishing approvals for all their social content to help ensure that messages are consistent and potentially damaging tweets or Facebook updates aren’t published. Time-based workflow can also be set up to ensure that scheduled content goes out in a co-ordinated manner across all communication channels.
  • Powerful reporting – Integration with reporting tools such as Google Analytics means that organisations can gauge the success of their social media activity, providing marketers with full campaign management. For example, analytics may show that Facebook activity was more successful than Twitter on a particular campaign, meaning that an organisation may choose to focus more on Facebook activity in the future.
  • Full history of published content – The Social Content Platform provides organisations with access to a full history of their published content.  This means that users can easily search and retrieve content, and provide them with the ability to roll-back changes across one or more of their web or social media sites.

“Most organisations are faced with the dual pressure of driving out costs but at the same time increasing efficiency.  One way of doing this is to sort out their information infrastructures and create better repositories for all their content. Modules such as our Social Media Platform can help organisations simplify and improve the speed of their communication processes by minimising the number of tasks and people involved. Furthermore, as it is based on an open platform like Alfresco customers can have peace of mind that they will have an extensible and future-proof solution without the lock-in of propriety systems,” added Paul Samuel.

Ixxus (www.ixxus.com)