Introduction to the Judges - Adriaan Bloem

As you know, this year we are using a panel of judges to help select the winners of the Critics Choice portion of the CMS Awards. We're already announced our first judge, John Coonen and now it's time to tell you who the second one is.

Our second judge for the Critics Choice CMS Awards is none other than Adriaan Bloem. Adriaan is very active on social media and can be found answering questions on site such as Quora and many others.

Adriaan Bloem

What specifically made us think of him was his knack for honesty in his answers and we think it ties in well to the way we try to be here at CMS Critic, open, unbiased and honest.

For those of you who don't know him, Adriaan is Senior Manager at MBC Group, responsible for online platform and infrastructure coherence, ranging from web content management, mobile, social, forums, to video.

Adriaan has 18 years of experience in online, and was previously Analyst at the Real Story Group, and Consultant to large enterprises on their internet, social enterprise, and search endeavours. Adriaan likes penguins.

You can find him on Twitter @adriaanbloem‎

For a full schedule of the awards, visit the CMS Awards page.