Introducing the new Bling Blocks CMS

You've probably never used a CMS that had the word “bling” in it, let alone one that uses an icon of a rapper with a bling logo on a gold chain. Prepare to meet Bling Blocks, the latest comer to the CMS world.

Bling Blocks definitely walks to a different beat, and that's not just because their logo is cooler than WordPress's.

Here's what the new CMS has to offer.

The Big Idea:  No More Backend

The devs at Beligum wanted a CMS that was like no other. Like no other means that Bling Blocks has no backend (sort of). Some people will love that. Some people will, er, not love it.

Built on the Play! Framework

The CMS is Java, meaning you get a slick interface. It uses the lightweight Play framework, so it's also pretty quick as CMSs go.  

For Developers

Rappers, be warned:  This is a rocking CMS, but it's actually built for developers, not rappers. That means, hopefully for Beligum, the CMS will take on a life of its own as developers work, tweak, play, and use the system. 


The CMS uses something called “blocks.” Basically, this means you can add portions of content, i.e., blocks, on your website. After adding a block of content, you can go in and edit it. Because they are “blocks,” you can pick them up, move them, drag them around, and place them where you want. It's WISIWYG plus blocks.

Responsive Heaven

One does not simply make a CMS in 2013 and not have responsive design. Behold, Bling Blocks is fully responsive. 

What's Next?

To jump on stage and give it a try, you can download Bling Blocks and let loose with your thing. Be warned, though. You'll probably hit bugs along the way. Beligum themselves confess: “We totally know there's still a ton of bugs in this 0.1 release, but hey, we release early and release often.”

Read more about it.

Download it yourself.

Watch a video:

What are your thoughts on this Java-driven, backend-less, developer-oriented, block-heavy CMS? Does it have enough “bling”?