Introducing SubHub Lite - A new Drupal 7 based web CMS

SubHub Lite is a new SaaS web CMS which launched on November 1st.

SubHub Lite is built on the latest release of Drupal 7, with a unique admin layer, site builder, design themes and apps (drag and drop functionality). As a hosted platform there's nothing to download to upgrade.

SubHub Lite has been built around the concept of outstanding ease of use.

So many content management systems / platforms have been built with the assumption that their users will have a certain level of technical expertise. This ignores a lot of people who would like to build and manage their own website, but are clueless about how to install plugins and modules, add design themes and generally customize things.

SubHub Lite embraces any kind of user and make it as easy to set up and manage a website, even if you're not particularly technically minded.

From an easy to use site builder, to the use of drag and drop apps and simple design tools, the SubHub team have tried to make their Lite platform as intuitive to use as possible.

Currently, users can add apps to their pages for YouTube, Twitter, Disqus, Flickr and MailChimp. Over the coming weeks and months they'll be adding new apps on a continuous basis. These will include store apps, subscription apps, ad-serving apps, video CDN apps and a lot more besides.

SubHub Lite is currently completely free. In the coming months however optional premium apps will be made available through the SubHub Lite app store. The opportunity will also be made available for developers and designers to build their own apps and design themes, which they can either make available to users for free or at a charge.

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