Introducing MongoPress - The High-Performance, Object Based NoSQL CMS

It's not often we see derivatives of WordPress coming to market so we decided to introduce you to this interesting project called MongoPress.

Here's the introduction from their website:

MongoPress is an instantly scalable, incredibly flexible CMS that uses MongoDB and PHP to deliver a powerful object-oriented environment that is flexible and free. It is not only freely licensed and distributed under the generous GPLv3, but it is also free from the constraints that many of the leading MySQL-based CMS platforms suffer from. MongoPress was in many ways inspired by WordPress, and was originally planned as a plugin, but after realizing that WordPress had been built from the ground-up as a table-based MySQL-driven architecture, providing MongoDB support was not going to be an easy task, and in some ways, even seemed to defeat the point of a NoSQL environment.

What is NoSQL and this MongoDB you keep harping-on about…?

In computing, NoSQL is a broad class of database management systems that differ from classic relational database management systems (RDBMSes) in some significant ways. These data stores may not require fixed table schemas, and usually avoid join operations and typically scale horizontally. MongoDB is amongst the most powerful of this new breed of NoSQL database. It's an easily scalable high-performance OpenSource document-oriented database featuring a whole host of functions that are ideally suited to the new ways we use and engage with media and the web. They have exceptional out-of-the-box functionality for replication, load-balancing, geo-location and media-storage. Able to handle thousands of concurrent connections and rendering traditional methods of caching obsolete; NoSQL standards are here to stay, and will soon make MySQL a distant fading memory, especially in-light of recently published benchmarks, where MongoDB performed at least 8,000 times faster than MySQL.

Read the rest on the MongoPress website.