Introducing AllianceCMS

Despite still being in its development stages, AllianceCMS is on its way to becoming a flexible, powerful and feature extensive content management system.

Currently, AllianceCMS is at a stage where it is installable and ready for experimentation. However, it should be noted that the platform is still pre-alpha, which means it is still being developed and honed.

The developers who are carrying out work on the system are actively adding new features on a daily basis, and have also made the theme and plugin API available for public use and experimentation.

Current Features

Although AllianceCMS is in the pre-alpha stage, you can install it via a browser based installation, and begin tinkering with the various features available.

At the time of writing, AllianceCMS offers a flexible template system which allows you to create templates that can be used inside your main site theme. You also have the ability to create templates that will can be used within another template.

Additionally, a useful FormHelper class which makes building form elements a lot easier, which is a big help when creating themes and templates.

To help speed up initial installation and streamline future updates, AllianceCMS is divided into three separate folders consisting of axis, public_html and zones.

The axis folder contains the main functions of the system, and should therefore be left well alone. The public_html is of course where other basic files such as themes reside, whereas the zone folder contains all custom plugins, as well as database connection files.

Planned Features

As AllianceCMS grows, more features are being planned and implemented.

From amongst these features, the developers over at AllianceCMS are working on fully incorporating an installation/updates database schema API for all major system updates. Essentially, this feature will allow all users to install or update from any version to the most current version, almost instantly.

It goes without saying that such a feature would offer plenty of convenience, and the most exciting part is, the developers are currently working on how to automate the updating process even further.

Can You Help?

As previously mentioned, Alliance CMS is currently pre-alpha, and thus there is still plenty of work to be done before it can experience its first stable release.

In order to speed up the development process, AllianceCMS have appealed for assistance in the following areas:

  • Graphic Design / CSS / Theme Creation
  • Plugin Development
  • Data Management
  • Documentation
  • Translation

AllianceCMS is without doubt on track to be an open-source platform which is genuinely interested in enjoining communities. Their name, slogan and website all reflect their social awareness, and reaching out to the public for development assistance is also a friendly touch.


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If you can help out in any of the areas listed above, or if you simply wish to find out more about the exciting Alliance CMS project, visit their official website .