ImpressPages CMS 1.0.2 beta

ImpressPages team is happy to announce and present new generation and open-source content management system ImpressPages CMS.

It’s already beta and stable version is soon to come.

Content widgets are the new way to manage the content. Now it is available in open source, ready to download, simple to install and free for everyone. No more. Yes, no more hard way to develop your website.

We, ImpressPages team, believe that WYSIWYG is more than appreciated by web administrators. It means that administrator should browse and manage the same styled content (text, images, etc.) as every website user. “What You See” while editing MUST BE “What You Get”. Moreover, most of the tasks must be performed by system automatically (picking up the fonts and text size, positioning and resizing images and others).

ImpressPages CMS is a new generation content management system. It is rich for developer, friendly for user and free for everyone. It's time to change the way we manage the content. Now content management is:

  • simpler,
  • less time-consuming (does the same tasks 2-4 times faster),
  • more efficient (system limits the ability to mess up the style, photo size, etc.),
  • less stressful (now it's nice and easy).


  • Most functions are performed automatically (image resize, image placement, applying fonts, working with white-spaces, form construction, video streaming, etc.);
  • User friendly (administrator browses the webpage in the same way users do; content is managed in place: every block, every note, every text);
  • SEO friendly (options available per page or per group manner);
  • Multilingual (every user can add/delete any language);
  • Easy to develop (documentation, examples, nice and clean object-oriented PHP code, out-of-the-box system core and default template);
  • Open source (that means it's free for everyone).

Demo page, download, forum, newsletter, and documentation in our homepage –