Impress CMS announces new beta of upcoming 1.2 release

Impress CMS is a popular open source CMS that spawned not too long ago from the Xoops project. It has since gained increasing recognition and proven itself to be here to stay.

Today, they have released a new beta of what will be their upcoming 1.2 release. A list of the improvements and changes one can expect to find in this release are as follows:

User Improvements

* JQuery Redirect
* Profile module with extended field + social network capabilities
* TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor updates and additon of FCKeditor
* Advanced search capabilities
* Content manager now a full module

Administrator Improvements

* Updated Installer
* Themeable Admininstration area
* Blocks, Block Positions, User Ranks use new administration pages
* Image manager with online-editing
* Auto-Task (create Cron-Jobs with PHP in ImpressCMS)
* Enhanced groups management capabilities and start page configurable for each group

Developer Improvements

* Removed dependency on Prototype
* Extension of the IcmsPersistableOject Framework for creating and managing objects for the core and modules
* Updates of all 3rd party libraries

Security Improvements

* Enhanced security provided with integrated Protector module
* Admin configurable HTML Purifier
* PHP OpenID updates
* Smarty updates

For a full list of changes, you can refer to the changelog in the download, or view it in the wiki

You can learn more about the project or download it for yourself on the ImpressCMS website.