Igloo: an Intranet You & Your Team Will Actually Like

Igloo pride themselves on being, “an Intranet you'll actually like”, and it's easy to see why.

With its headquarters in Ontario, Canada, Igloo is a widely successful web-based platform for collaborating at work. The platform powers over 4,000 global collaboration sites in over 80 countries around the world.

Igloo is all about improving productivity in the workspace. It allows you to communicate and collaborate faster and easier via built-in apps which include blogs, calendars, file sharing, forums, micro-blogs, and wikis.

The platform is fully cloud-based and can be easily customized, from branding options to interface arrangement.

Flexible Corporate Communication

Igloo enables you and your team to communicate in a number of ways, all from the same digital space.

Igloo Interface
On top of sharing files and Built-in forums allow you to use familiar tools like up-voting, @replies and marking comments as answers. Additionally, traditional blogging and micro-blogging make up other examples where team members can communicate quickly and easily.

Igloo Mircoblog
This engrained focus on communication builds working relationships, enhances productivity, and keeps all team members updated accordingly.

Not too long ago, Igloo also made their software available for mobile users, further enhancing the flexibility of its Intranet for team members on the move.

All About the Apps

Igloo Apps define the way in which you collaborate with other team members. Such Apps include blogs, calendars, file sharing, forums micro-blogs and more.

All of these Apps all come built-in to Igloo, and you can use them either selectively, or all at once. Whatever suits you and your team best.

Essentially, using the different Igloo Apps together allows you to create a fully functioning internal social network – which is also completely private.

Igloo Apps
Blogging and micro-blogging – as previously mentioned – help team members give updates and spread news internally. Apps like calendars, file sharing, wikis and forums on the other hand, are brilliant tools for scheduling tasks, streamlining workflows, asking questions and learning.

Furthermore, you can completely change the look and configuration of your Igloo Intranet in order to meet different needs. Corporate Intranets, employee collaboration networks and customer portals can all be easily catered for.

To find out more about Igloo, check out their official website.

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