Hycus CMS 1.0.0 Released

Hycus CMS 1.0.0 released on August 6th 2010. This is the first official release of Hycus CMS. Hycus CMS is a free, open source PHP based content management system. Hycus CMS is the first cms released in India and by an Indian team.

The basic feature list of the CMS:

  1. Light weight CMS.
  2. Fully featured CK editor in admin side.
  3. Removable admin side.
  4. Fully ajax based admin side. (can also be disabled)
  5. Easy to manage your site's content, menus, blocks.
  6. Site's configuration at you finger tips.
  7. Creates RSS feed for your contents.
  8. User management for front end.
  9. Search with extendable plugins.
  10. Easy designing.
  11. Html/CSS templates to Hycus templates is easy.
  12. Contact page.
  13. Search Engine Friendly URL's (SEF).
  14. Maintain multiple Websites with same single set of files.
  15. Add contents in other Indian languages (available only from admin side)


  1. PHP 5.0 or above
  2. MySQL 5.0.51 or above
  3. Javascript enabled browser

Browser compatibility (test in the following browsers):

  1. Firefox 3
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Apple Safari
  4. Microsoft IE7 and IE8
  5. Opera 10

Website: http://www.hycus.com/News/hycus-cms-100-released.html