HP in discussions to buy Autonomy

According to The Guardian, Autonomy has confirmed that they have received a $10 billion takeover bid from Hewlett Packard. This news also comes amidst the recent news that HP has decided to officially discontinue all WebOS based products (ie: touchpad, phones, etc).

With the number of recent acquisitions within the CMS market, this purchase may be an attempt on HP's part to actually start turning a profit with one of their business units. They haven't had much success with products recently and Autonomy is certainly doing well for themselves within the CMS space.

Getting into the CMS space may very well be a smart move on their part given the predictions that the market will only continue to grow. The CMS market space has also been quite resilient throughout the recent recession with a number of vendors continuing to turn tidy profits.

We will continue to keep our ears to the ground and listen to see when/if this develops further.