How to Win Big Customers with Your Website

While redesigning their websites, many businesses expect modern UIs and cool features alone to generate big leads. But they won’t. Unless backed by a consistent content marketing strategy that talks big clients.

Let me explain what I mean.

Understand Big Customers

Big attracts big. You don’t need to be as big in size as they are, but be big in your approach, look big, sound big. Embrace enterprise thinking in your message. Speak their language.

Because of the strict vendor selection policies, large companies tend to cautiously assess candidates’ competencies and processes. Don’t make them guess about your authority, state it right away on your pages. No gambling. They don’t want you to be the best, they want you to be reliable in delivering what they expect from you. They want you to solve problems.

Create Problem-oriented Content

Talking about problems on your website builds credibility. It means you probably know how to solve them. These guys seem to be experts, they’ll think. You will have to prove it, though, but for now it’s all about the first impression. So take your chance.

Use your blog to create problem-oriented yet engaging insights. To make your content more effective, follow these key steps:

  • Build content around clients’ problems and needs, not your products/services. No salesy, screaming copy

  • Insert cross-references between posts and pages to engage visitors to read more

  • Link articles with product/service pages

  • Include confident CTAs

However, don’t try to cover every area of your expertise. Narrow down the focus to emphasize your strongest competences.

Increase Promotion of Key Expertise

Make your key products/services disproportionately visible for search engines and people (but don’t abandon other business directions). You will need to publish over 100 webpages to promote the focus area.

Should you start looking for copywriters? Yes, you should. Sounds heavy on your marketing budget? Yes, it does. But we are talking big customers, remember?

Provide Deep Insights

Large enterprises don’t make spontaneous moves. They take the time to think. So give them food for thought by offering detailed case studies and white papers (executives love white papers) available through registration. White papers are still the most influential lead generation tools.

For example, according to Eccolo Media 2014 B2B Technology Content Survey Report, 49% of respondents (US companies) rely on white papers (among other content items) while making technology purchases. But don’t disappoint potential clients by talking too much about your company and products/services.

Leave out that marketing hype and biased or too general information.

Personalize Content

Don’t be surprised if a potential client returns to your website in 2 months or more after downloading a white paper. You want to be prepared for that by showing relevant content based on the interaction tracked down during their previous visits. Collecting and analyzing data such as the time spent and the buttons clicked on particular pages, you can build each visitor’s up-to-date profile to help you personalize the content for further interactions.

In other words, you will increase your chances for conversion by giving visitors what they want on the go. If, say, last time they were looking for translation services at your agency, it makes no sense bombarding them with proofreading options now.

Have you ever noticed how accurate personalized product recommendations can be? You’d probably go ‘No way! How do they know?’ That’s exactly how you want to surprise your leads during the next visits.

So, when looking for a web portal development vendor to redesign your website, make sure to state your need for personalization features in an RFP to filter out those who can’t do it.

Ready for the Big Hunt

Generating big leads with a website requires a consistent content marketing strategy based on a complex portal development technology beyond just a cool design. But it is possible.

At ScienceSoft, we delivered websites that attracted, and converted into customers, Royal Bank of Canada, Robert Half, Siemens, Philips and other large companies. Now, it’s your turn to win big leads.

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