How to Deploy Dynamic Mobile Landing Pages with Just a Spreadsheet

RallyMind was designed to address the age-old nightmare of how to deploy unique landing pages by the 10s if not 100s while keeping brand consistency, messaging and conversion metrics in check.

RallyMind offers a solution to help make marketers more efficient.

Think…multivariable landing pages that allow marketers to create, edit and optimize thousands of landing pages from a single spreadsheet or API. How? It all lies in the structure.

Most companies build their landing pages one-off, as needed, similar to a city building new streets as the population grows. A good solution in the present, but the future is likely to have its fair share of traffic jams. RallyMind’s landing page structure is the equivalent of clever city planning. With a bit of foresight, RallyMind offers a landing page infrastructure that allows for exponential growth and expansion.

It starts with a single spreadsheet. With direction from the client or a website example, RallyMind creates one or more highly dynamic landing page templates. The template’s text, images, phone numbers and links are substituted with “variables”, rather than static content. Each variable is linked to a field in a spreadsheet or using RallyMind’s API mapping. Content specific to each landing page is dynamically inserted via the variable. For example, 100 business pages can be created with unique URLs, each showing a custom phone number, logo, business description and branding color. These sites can be created in minutes with a spreadsheet, rather than days. Updating site content is as easy as making an edit to a spreadsheet.

As more digital marketing companies move towards automation, we’re proud to offer the final piece in the puzzle.

About RallyMind: RallyMind offers automated landing page management software for Brand to Local, Channel Marketing, and Co-op advertising campaigns. RallyMind is a product of DevHub, a Seattle-based web startup.