How Mura CMS Keeps Every Team Member Productive

As we continue with our Mura CMS featured week, we’re taking a look at how the platform keeps its users as productive as possible.

Previously, we got to watch Mike Johnston interview Sean Schroeder & Matt Levine, before getting a tour of Mura CMS’ best features.

According to the Mura CMS team:

“With Mura's pre-built content objects, starter templates and intuitive interface, your productivity will get turbo-charged.”

Furthermore, that turbo-charged productivity extends to every major department and job role within a modern enterprise.

Let’s take a look at exactly how.

Content Administrators

Content is the most important aspect of any website, application or marketing campaign. To make crafting and managing that content easier, Mura CMS has some usability-focused solutions.

Inline Editing

Making edits to content with Mura CMS is as simple as clicking into the page, and working with the content directly. Right there on the page.

Mura imposes no pop-ups or form fields to get in your way, so you can get on with honing your content without any distractions.

Local Content Indexes

As well as making every day page content easier to edit, Mura CMS also simplifies the more technical side of content management.

With Mura CMS, complicated SQL and programming is a thing of the past. Unlike other systems, Mura’s easy to use, intuitive Local Content Index tool allows you to do it quickly, with zero coding, even if you have complex rules and scenarios in place.

You can drag and drop to specify the fields you want to display, in any order you choose, and you can even assign custom CSS classes or IDs right in the configurator.

Form Builder

Mura makes more use of dragging and dropping when it comes to building forms.

Creating web forms is easy; just drag and drop the fields you need in the Form Builder, making it an extremely basic and non-technical process. This empowers marketing teams, because there’s no need to involve the IT team just to get a form build and deployed on the site.

Form submissions and data can also be customized to integrate with external systems like CRMs, Marketing Automation Systems, etc.

Multi-File Upload

When you need to add multiple files to your site — like when creating an image gallery or when adding a folder’s worth of documents to a section of your site — you can simply drag and drop them into Mura CMS, and you’re all done.

You can batch re-name them, and images get automatic creation of thumbnails and alternative size options (no need for external photo manipulation in Photoshop).

Front-end Developers

Mura CMS provides a lot of features and tools for developers looking to quickly build layouts and designs – there’s nothing in the way of getting your hands dirty with some code. In fact, it only makes it easier thanks to a number of features and capabilities.

Common Conventions for HTML, CSS, & Javascript

Web Standards, HTML 5, CSS3, LESS, jQuery. All of those familiar languages are also standard practice in Mura CMS.

Mura ships with tons of built-in objects and features, all targetable with your own custom CSS or theme. So, designing and re-designing your website with Mura is as fast as it can be.

Direct Access to Markup

Need to add another container or even substantially change the markup of a built-in Mura object? No problem.

Mura CMS lets you easily override defaults at both the site and theme-level for complete control. You can create custom objects and stay on the upgrade path.

Mobile Support

Responsive or mobile-specific? Either one works with Mura CMS.

The platform ships with both Bootstrap 3 and jQuery Mobile, and offers several frameworks, wired up and available for download on the Mura CMS website.


When the job requires a more technical touch, Mura CMS is able to flex its muscles accordingly. Here’s how the platform keeps programmers programming productively.


Mura's front-end request lifecycle is fully event-driven.

So, developers are able to augment or override any of the default behaviors without needing to customize the Mura CMS core, which means you — the programmer — can customize Mura CMS as much as you want while staying fully update-safe.


To avoid unnecessary bloat, Mura CMS’ ORM provides a light-weight route towards quickly creating custom entities that seamlessly blend into Mura's object model, content versioning, and bundling.

As a result, you can quickly and easily craft custom apps and functionality all within Mura's default programming system.

Mura Scope

The Mura Scope provides a single point of access to everything that Mura provides. In turn, this allows code portability between execution contexts.

Mura Scope is similar to jQuery's syntax, so the average programmer can get up to speed quickly.

IT & System Admins

The last thing you want from any CMS is for the complex stuff to be dealt with brilliantly, only for the most basic wants and needs to be left out. Here’s how Mura CMS takes care of the smaller, yet arguably most important stuff.

One-click updates

Updates to some CMS systems can be a pain, but thankfully your Mura CMS site only needs you to log into to the admin area as a super-admin before clicking the “update Mura Core” link.

Doing this simple task automatically updates Mura CMS to the latest stable release, with no need for lengthy downtime or compatibility testing. It’s supremely quick and easy.

Allow Customization & Stay on the Upgrade Path

In almost every modern enterprising context, one size does not fit all. As a result, you and your team will need to make customizations on the fly that support your business in various ways.

The only problem is, many teams take steps to do this, only to find out years later that they have backed themselves into the corner on an old version.

Thankfully, Mura CMS allows teams to customize as needed and stay on the upgrade path without any hassle.

Multi-Site Support

Mura CMS empowers you to easily setup multiple sites in a single installation, and even share administrative rights between the sites.

Plugins, display objects, layout files and more can all be shared between the various sites, making development and maintenance much faster and more manageable.

So there you have it, productivity boosts for content managers, front-end developers, programmers and IT specialists alike — all under one Mura CMS roof.

Learn more about how Mura CMS keeps everybody super productive.

To find out more about Mura CMS, visit their website or check them out through our CMS Directory.