How Financial Institutions can use CMS to stand out from the pack

Internet banking continues to grow, spurred by competitive pressures and rising customer expectations. In support of their online banking businesses, financial institutions must build and manage rich consumer and business Web sites.

Further, industry deregulation and the financial meltdown of 2008 have led to a complex and somewhat unique set of challenges at financial institutions. In essence, it is especially critical to have the right CMS tools for the job that comply with industry standards.

Magnolia CMS comprehensive new white paper examines the key challenges faced by financial sector companies in using Web technology to reach customers, develop new value-added services and differentiate themselves from competition. Drawing upon real-world implementations at ING Bank, Lloyds TSB International Private Banking and other customers, the paper details how Magnolia’s powerful editing interface coupled with best-of-breed Java technology helps to meet these new challenges.

The white paper, “Spurring Innovation and Increasing Customer Satisfaction in the Finance Industry,” can be found on the Magnolia CMS web site at