Holland chooses content management system from GX Software

The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) implements a global customer-centric marketing approach based on GX WebManager. This new content management system will generate more website traffic and improve conversion rates. GX Software, global provider of online marketing software solutions, and NBTC announce the migration of the NBTC website to a new CMS (GX WebManager). The NBTC is the leading marketing organization for the promotion of leisure and business travel to and within Holland.

Their challenge is to promote Holland, both domestically and internationally, in a world in which boundaries are becoming increasingly more blurred, information channels are becoming clogged, and new destinations present themselves. GX Software was selected to provide a global publishing solution, which enables flexible content delivery and would contribute to NBTC’s customer-centric marketing approach.

GX WebManager enables NBTC’s marketers to maintain and launch global marketing initiatives in a flexible manner. GX WebManager’s rich functionality, extendible and open platform, multi-channel delivery capabilities and user-friendliness enables NBTC to execute a customer-centric approach on all owned online channels.

“The decision to choose for GX WebManager was easily made. It is easy to learn, intuitive to work with and supports efficient content management, without being complex.The software fits to our current needs, but is also ready for the future”, says Charel van Dam, Manager Online Marketing.

More info: http://www.gxsoftware.com/