Hippo CMS adds Amazon Web Services

Solution diversity. If you make your product work with what your clients are already using, the decision to use your product will be an easy one. Hippo demonstrates this ideal with the announcement of the addition of Amazon Web Services to its “Certified Stack.”

The addition of the Amazon Web Services to Hippo’s Certified Stack add a number of benefits to the already powerful Hippo CMS architecture. As more and more organizations turn to Amazon Web Services to improve scalability and cost efficiency across cloud-based services – Hippo CMS can play an important part of that equation for Web Content Management solutions.

“Amazon Web Services offer incredible opportunities for our clients to improve the speed, efficiency and manageability of their Web content platform,” said Arje Cahn CTO of Hippo.  “We’ve already deployed Hippo CMS for a number of customers across Amazon’s cloud services – and we’re excited to be able to add it to out Certified Stack as a completely supported solution.”

The Hippo Certified Stack already includes technologies that are enterprise-ready including database technology such as MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 and MSSQL Server – operating systems such as RedHat/Ubuntu/Suse Linux, Solaris and Windows Server and application servers such as Apache Tomcat, IBM, Websphere, BEA, Weblogic, Sun Glassfish and JBoss.

Adding Amazon cloud services provides customers with multiple options when it comes to deploying Hippo CMS. Customers can deploy it on their own infrastructure – and now this of course includes Amazon as an option for customers.  Or, customers can even deploy Hippo CMS on Hippo’s Cloud Service – which provides Hippo CMS as a service – including an SLA and full support.

Learn more at http://onehippo.com