Hedgehog Development Releases 3.0 Version of Team Development for Sitecore

Hedgehog Development, a leading custom application development company and creators of the celebrated Team Development for Sitecore (TDS), today announced the software product’s 3.0 release. TDS is a plug-in for Visual Studio that simplifies the process of adding Sitecore items to your source control by allowing you to synchronize selected Sitecore items directly into your Visual Studio project, while also greatly simplifying the process of deployment. It streamlines the way individuals and teams develop Sitecore projects, work with each other, and with source code.

Generally, when a company releases a new version of its software, there is at least one major new feature. With Hedgehog Development’s 3.0 Version of TDS, there are four major new features that dramatically enhance the Sitecore development experience. The 3.0 Version also marks the longest span of development time between releases of TDS, and its release comes after extensive beta testing by some of Hedgehog’s largest customers.

Integration with Sitecore Rocks: For Faster Speed and a Browser-free Experience

The 3.0 Version of TDS automates the process of syncing updates to one’s source control system when using Sitecore Rocks (“Rocks”), which is a streamlined developer efficiency plug-in created by Sitecore for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. With TDS 3.0 installed as a plug-in, the need for time-consuming browser interfaces is eliminated. Sitecore developers can now create and edit Sitecore items inside Visual Studio with Rocks, and those changes are automatically synced to the Visual Studio Project. This creates a seamless experience for the developer.

“Hedgehog has truly brought the Sitecore experience to the ultimate level with this 3.0 Version of TDS,” said Lars Nielsen, Sitecore co-founder and senior vice president of technical marketing. “By combining TDS with Sitecore Rocks, developers can now experience all the power and flexibility that Sitecore provides in the comfort and familiarity of their preferred work environment,” added Nielsen.

“We’re always looking at ways to further enhance the Sitecore experience that will make a developer’s life easier, and the release of Version 3.0 marks several key milestones,” stated Peter Madsen, TDS Product Manager. “The 3.0 Version of TDS saves developers valuable time that can be spent more productively on other key aspects of their Sitecore projects, and shows our continued commitment to both TDS and our partnership with Sitecore” noted Madsen.

File Path Shortening: Ensures Nothing Gets Lost in Translation

For many developers, the file path length limitation inherent with the Windows operating system has been a challenge. Now, with TDS Version 3.0, the original file path name chosen by a developer is captured and safely

stored in the TDS project, and the developer can then create a shorter, more universal file path nickname for everyone on the team to use when storing the item on a file system – all without compromising the structure
of the content within Sitecore and Visual Studio. The new shortened name only appears in the file system
and source control system, while the original name is retained in Sitecore and Visual Studio.

Field-Level Syncing: Change Field Values Automatically Without Changing Entire Item

Sitecore development teams and content editors can now enjoy a more harmonious and productive relationship while eliminating the risk for error thanks to TDS 3.0’s new field-level synchronization feature. It extends the “Deploy Once” feature on previous versions of TDS and gives more flexibility to the development team without compromising the field values set by editors.

With field level syncing, the development team can change or set specific field values for content items like security workflow, and rendering values, even after a skeleton hierarchy has already been deployed. This is all done seamlessly, without overwriting field values set by content editors. A valuable time saver, TDS 3.0 ensures an error-free sync, letting you manage all the different types of items offered by Sitecore at any time.

Template Diagrammer Tool: Document Solutions Down To the Smallest Detail

Gone are the days of seeing only “the forest” and not the “trees” within the hierarchy of a solution architecture in Sitecore. With Version 3.0 of TDS, you can visualize the depth of every single relationship within a site’s entire architectural structure down to the smallest detail with our enhanced template diagrammer tool. Plus, now when you zoom in, you will see color-coded dotted lines that serve to more clearly distinguish between different relationships. Also adding to viewer clarity in Version 3.0 is the ability to move items around, filter down and isolate sections, and even print them. With the 3.0 Version of TDS, you can see the DNA of each template and document every solution on each Sitecore project.


The per-seat cost for a TDS 3.0 license is $695.00 and includes one year of free upgrades (major and minor releases) and technical support. A client can also purchase a maintenance agreement for 40% of their purchase, entitling them to another year of technical support and upgrades.

About Hedgehog Development

Hedgehog Development is a recognized leader in Sitecore Web Content Management implementations, custom application development and integration services. The company is headquartered in Holbrook, Long Island, NY and serves clients around the world. Hedgehog’s specialties include .NET development and Visual Studio Team System, SQL Server, Cloud Services Development, and SharePoint 2007 development and implementations. A field-managed Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and three-time recipient of the Customer Satisfaction Award, Hedgehog was also recognized as a Partner of the Year in Microsoft’s New York/New Jersey Area Partner Awards Program for Excellence in Application Development. Hedgehog is also part of Microsoft’s Inner Circle program for Visual Studio Team System. These hard-earned distinctions represent a host of exclusive benefits for Hedgehog clients ranging from access to early adopter software to priority customer support services.

In 2010, Hedgehog Development's client The Knot, was awarded the North American Sitecore Site of the Year, and the North American Sitecore Media Site of the Year. Additionally, Hedgehog’s celebrated Team Development for Sitecore product recently earned it the coveted position of Technology Partner in the Sitecore Partner program, making it one of only three worldwide partners that are both Sitecore Implementation and Sitecore technology partners. Learn more about Hedgehog Development at www.hhogdev.com.