Headway for WordPress - the future of theming?

For those of you who are unaware, Headway is a premium theme / framework for WordPress that takes theming far beyond what was normally believed to be possible.

Headway is the only theme available today that truly makes designing simple and easy to use for anyone.

How does it do this? Through one of the most unique methods available today in the world of WordPress theming. Drag and Drop.

The following video highlights very well what Headway is capable of:

Some of the key features that Headway brings to the table include:

Special Content Layouts On Demand

Using the Headway Visual Editor, you can do anything from a standard blog, to landing pages, to membership sites, to e-commerce sites. For non-technical folks, Headway’s “Easy Hooks” let you insert custom content at will wherever you like on any page without messing with PHP or CSS. For hardcore developers, Headway has heaps of actions and filters (or hooks) to take customization even farther.

Design Your Blog Visually

Headway’s innovative Visual Layout Editor gives you the power to rearrange your site layout without touching a line of code. Even if you’re comfortable with HTML/CSS/PHP, the Visual Layout Editor saves you time. You can sculpt your design into anything you want. You’re not restricted by someone else’s ideas about columns or content layouts. The sky’s the limit.

Complete Control is Yours to Command

In the Headway Configuration Panel you can customize just about everything behind the scenes you can imagine. Add universal analytics or opt-in form scripts, integrate your Twitter account, set detailed options for post meta information (publication dates, author, etc.), add a favicon, and much more.

Search Engine Optimization

Headway has its own built-in search engine optimization (or SEO) settings. Simply having Headway will help your search engine optimization, even if you don’t use any of its manual features. If you do use them (and we’ll show you how), you can enjoy a greater chance of moving up in search rankings. Our priority for this was to keep the code clean, but flexible. Having clean code allows the search engines to easily scour the page and index what’s important. With Headway you can stop worrying about what plugins to install and how to efficiently optimize your site. All the options are there and easily accessible. Settings for the home page, the entire blog, and each post or page (more than any other theme) are there for you to control.

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