Hannon Hill Releases Cascade Server 6.8

Hannon Hill Corporation has released the most recent version of the company's web content management system, Cascade Server 6.8.

Cascade Server 6.8, which was released in beta in December, introduces several new major features and improvements. Included in the final release of 6.8 is a Google Analytics connector which connects Cascade Server to the industry-standard web analytics tool for providing marketers and website stakeholders with insights into their website traffic. Cascade’s Google Analytics connector syncs analytics data to Cascade to provide CMS users access to “in-context” analytics for individual assets and Sites.

Another major improvement in 6.8 is Parallel Publishing. With this feature, content publishers across multiple Sites in an organization are now able to publish their content simultaneously. Each Site has its own publish queue and can publish up to two jobs at once. This feature allows publishers to prioritize their own Site’s publish jobs and to publish out one-off changes to content while other bigger publish jobs are being processed.

Also included in Cascade Server 6.8 is a native image editing tool. This feature allows contributors to make small image changes which previously would have required an external tool like Photoshop to perform. The simple, built-in image editor addresses the need for quick image edits.

Cascade Server 6.8 also includes several other enhancements such as Rendering Metrics which provide built-in profiling on a per-page basis. This feature helps you identify hotspots in page rendering so that you can optimize performance of your CMS. Other features in this release include more fine-grained control over publishing schedules and several other features aimed at allowing end-users to navigate and work within the system more effectively. To find out more in-depth information on all of the features included in this release, read the release notes.

About the Company

Hannon Hill creates the web content management system, Cascade Server. Designed specifically for colleges and universities, Cascade Server gives organizations the freedom to manage their web presence with ease. It is engineered for any network environment, provides a content contributor-friendly interface, and provides deployment flexibility, robust multi-site management, and a fast implementation.

Since 2001, Hannon Hill solutions have been utilized and trusted by organizations including Emory University, The College of William and Mary, Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, University of Saskatchewan, and Texas A&M University. For more information about Hannon Hill and all of theirr products, please visit www.HannonHill.com