Hannon Hill Releases Cascade Server 6.8 Beta

Hannon Hill Corporation has released the most recent version of the company's content management system for beta testing in a sandbox as well as for download. The Cascade Server 6.8 Beta introduces several new features a sample of which includes a Google Analytics Connector, Parallel Publishing, and a built-in Image Editor.

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that provides marketers and website stakeholders with insights into their website traffic and marketing effectiveness. While Google Analytics is a powerful tool, there has not been an easy way for CMS contributors to access site-wide analytics data or view specific data within the context of a particular page on their site. The Cascade Server Google Analytics Connector further enhances the use of this industry-standard tool by syncing with an organization’s Google Analytics account and providing a snapshot of basic analytics data for each asset and overall Site in Cascade. Having this information readily available within the CMS empowers content contributors to make informed decisions on ways to improve their content and easily edit the content within the same interface.

Another major improvement in 6.8 is Parallel Publishing.  With this feature, content contributors across an organization are now able to publish simultaneously without encountering the publishing bottlenecks that might occur in very large organizations. Prior to this release, Cascade Server would allow only one job to publish at a time across the entire system. With the addition of this feature, each Site now has its own publish queue allowing publishers more focused control with prioritizing jobs.

Also included in Cascade Server 6.8 is a new image editor.  Contributors often need to make small image changes but must frequently consult a graphic artist to perform them. Cascade Server’s simple, built-in image editor addresses the need for quick image edits and is easier than ever to use. Contributors may also utilize the system’s powerful version control system if the image changes do not meet approval criteria. Version control allows content contributors to restore the image to its previous state, offering flexibility and peace of mind during image edits.

The Cascade Server 6.8 beta also includes support for HTML5 and several end-user enhancements. HTML5 is growing in popularity partly because it allows incorporation of rich media content like videos into website without requiring visitors to use browser plug-ins like Flash, many of which are not supported on mobile devices. The end-user enhancements include a new context-menu, which allows users to navigate around the system faster and with fewer mouse clicks. To find out more in-depth information on all of the features included in this beta release, read the release notes.

About the Company

Hannon Hill creates web marketing solutions that give people and organizations the freedom to manage their Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Portal content with ease. Our primary software solution, Cascade Server, is ideal for organizations in industries such education, healthcare, technology, government, and publishing. Designed for any network environment, Cascade Server is as easy as e-mail and gives IT departments much needed deployment flexibility, a zero-footprint client and fast implementation. Since 2001, Hannon Hill solutions have been utilized and trusted by organizations including Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, MCG Health Systems, PGP Corporation, Reed College and SCOREGolf magazine. For more information about Hannon Hill and all of our products, please visit www.HannonHill.com or contact us directly at 800-407-3540.