Granite Horizon In The Cloud' CMS Adds Mobile and SEO Enhancements

SaaS content management system (CMS) Granite Horizon In The Cloud now provides enhanced mobile features and a new search engine (SEO) optimization tool.

In The Cloud (ITC) subscribers now can easily deploy mobile apps to make use of their content in ways optimized for iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. Thanks to its new application programming interface (API), the wealth of information stored in the CMS can easily be consumed in attractive apps.

“A mobile-optimized version of their website has been available to our ITC subscribers,” noted Greg McAvoy-Jensen, executive director of Granite Horizon, “but now the door is open not only for custom mobile apps, but for tighter integration with other web services or even external business applications that need access to the CMS's data as well.

“With data now able to be shared via API, RSS, XML, as well as web, the CMS serves as the central content repository, keeping information current and centralized, increasing efficiency, decreasing latency, and making multi-channel content distribution broader than ever,” he noted.

A “canonical link” feature was introduced today as well. The CMS allows content to appear in multiple locations (for example, on the mobile version of the site as well as the main version). “Top search engines look for a special tag to indicate which page is the main location for a content page which appears in multiple places,” explained McAvoy-Jensen. “The search engine then indexes only the main page, thereby eliminating the risk of being identified as duplicating content.”

Other features deployed today include an enhancement to the editorial interface and an improvement to the workflow system.
Granite Horizon ( is a California-based SaaS CMS provider and integrator serving clients around the globe.