Glorify launches platform to help online sellers create high converting product and marketing images without the need for graphic designers.

Glorify just announced the official launch of its platform which enables any ecommerce entrepreneurs to be able to create state-of-the-art product photos and marketing materials themselves. It aims to eliminate the need for bootstrapped home based online sellers to hire designers, photographers or have to learn complicated programs like Photoshop. It allows entrepreneurs to easily create powerful product images and create a highly engaging brand designed for their niche and audience.

Founder Omar Farook commented “Most ecommerce entrepreneurs are on tight budgets and while they can take on most tasks themselves, one area they nearly always needed to hire outside resources for was for product photography and graphic design. As yet, there wasn’t one easy-to-use platform that had been created specifically for ecommerce businesses owners and had everything they need in order to create beautiful product images and marketing materials easily and inexpensively, themselves.”

The Glorify platform can help users automatically create a brand which includes logos, color schemes and fonts. It in turn allows them to search whichever e-commerce platform they are using (Shopify, WooCommerce etc) to find the best website template they offer that matches their new brand.

For product photos, with a few clicks you can remove backgrounds and have photos or images on a clear white background. It has a large range of ready to go graphic templates to add to the photos to call out certain features. It also offers customizable e-commerce marketing banners in a variety of shapes and sizes that are required for the various marketing channels e.g. Facebook banners, Instagram photos etc.

Omar continued “There were already a number of big players creating similar solutions. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, rather we prefer to improve the wheel. And in this case we took what was already working for our competitors and catered it to be extremely targeted towards one particular audience – e-commerce entrepreneurs”

The number of entrepreneurs who start a home based online business is dramatically increasing. Today there are over 5 million sellers on Amazon marketplaces, 1,029,528 new sellers joined Amazon in 2018 which is equivalent to 2,957 new sellers every single day. Over 90% of shoppers attribute a recent online purchase to the quality of a product image.

Glorify has been created specifically for any e-commerce business owner working with most of the online selling platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, Ebay, Esty etc.

Glorify initially launched  platform in September 2019 and has already acquired over 2500 paying customers.

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