GetSimple is giving away over $1,800 worth of prizes in the March 2012 Create-a-thon

GetSimple CMS is having a contest this March to help drive creation and innovation within their community.

The Purpose (pulled from their site):

GetSimple has always had to deal with complaints that there were not enough good free themes available (and to a lesser extent, plugins). It's been a problem because GetSimple simply does not have the market awareness yet to attract the type of quality files that WordPress and the other larger CMS's do. The March Create-a-thon contest was created as a bold attempt to change this.

Contest Rules:

  1. The new theme or plugin must be uploaded into the Extend repository between February 28th, 2012 and March 31st, 2012
  2. All files entered will be judged on a 1-10 scale for each of four qualities*.
  3. A person can enter as many times as they want, but can only win once.
  4. No copyrighted material can be entered. No existing files can be entered. No “Free CSS Template” conversions.
  5. GetSimple team members are allowed to participate, but are not allowed to win.
  6. The GetSimple team & other outside advisers will collectively pick the winners in a blind ballot.

The Prizes:


  • The (mt) Media Temple Pack3 years free (gs) hosting + schwaga $720+ value!
  • KISSmetrics Bootstrap Accountfree for 1 yeara $348 value!
  • FormAssembly Basic Accountfree lifetime accountregularly $14 a month ($168/yr)
  • TreeHouse
    Gold Membershipfree 1 montha $49 value
  • $100 credit at BuySellAds
  • GetSimple T-Shirtvia BlueCottonpriceless!

$1,300+ total value


  • AuthorityLabs Basic Accountfree lifetime accountregularly $24 a month ($288/yr)
  • Hello Bar Solojavascript notification bar scripta $29 value!
  • TreeHouse
    Gold Membershipfree 1 montha $49 value
  • GetSimple T-Shirtvia BlueCottonpriceless!

$350+ total value


  • FormStack Starter Accountfree for 1 yearregularly $14 a month ($168/yr)
  • TreeHouse
    Gold Membershipfree 1 montha $49 value
  • GetSimple T-Shirtvia BlueCotton priceless!

$200+ total value

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