Generis releases CARA3 - first single UI to multiple repositories using CMIS

Generis has released version 3 of its CARA product – the world's full functionality document management web application that provides a single interface to all CMIS-compliant repositories. Generis has released CARA3 for Documentum, SharePoint and Alfresco, with releases for the file system, FileNet and LiveLink in the coming months. CARA3 connects to the repositories using the very latest CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) functionality agreed by the major content management vendors which allows building of a common set of functionality to be used on the multiple repositories. Functions that are missing in CMIS support for individual repositories are either built by Generis (and will be replaced once that platform fully supports CMIS) or not available. Each repository implementation also features many additional features not yet part of the CMIS specification.

Built on the Google Web Toolkit, using the EXT JS extensions CARA3 provides full authoring, review, approval and publishing functionality to end users together with:

  • Faster performance
  • Improved ergononmics, including many functions reduced from 7+ clicks to 1 click, and from 3 screens to 1 screen.
  • Functionality for complex documents in true multi-user environment.
  • Ease of use which reduces training and implementation costs.
  • Easy and rich configurability through the DocConfigurator product

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