Geeklog CMS 1.6.0sr2 released to address security exploit

A security exploit within the FCKEditor's php connector has prompted a new release of Geeklog to address this issue.

Apparently this flaw allows for malware to end up being hosted on some Geeklog powered sites by using this exploit. As a result, this new version is available to resolve.


Geeklog 1.6.0sr2 is now available for download and ships with a much more restrictive configuration for uploads through FCKeditor. There's also an archive to upgrade from 1.6.0sr1 and an updated version of the drop-in FCKeditor replacement for older Geeklog versions.”

Mike Johnston
Mike is the founder and editor of CMS Critic. He consults with vendors and the public to help them find the right products for their websites and businesses. When he's not working here, he's off mixing cocktails for his wife's website, The Kitchen Magpie. You can check out some of his great cocktail shots over on Instagram.

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