Gartner: Building a Global Online Strategy with Cloud WCM

As VP of Research and Lead WCM Analyst at Gartner, Mick MacComascaigh knows more than a thing or two about enterprise web content management systems. In the recent podcast “The BIG Shift: Building a Global Online Strategy with Cloud WCM”, Mick talks about the challenges many organizations face in building a global web presence, in most cases with very limited and outdated legacy installed content management systems. The frustration generated from these challenges is what has been driving the attention of global enterprises towards software-as-a-service (SaaS) web content management, also known as Cloud web content management. As a much-improved alternative solution, Cloud WCM delivers on the failed promises of speed, agility, and interoperability once expected from on-premise content management systems.

Watch “The BIG Shift: Building a Global Online Strategy with Cloud WCM”

As the podcast explains, Cloud WCM provides tangible and quantifiable benefits such as 80% faster deployments than on-premise CMS at 70% total cost of ownership (TCO), no hardware or software to purchase hence significantly reducing capital expenditure, global accessibility, no technical requirements resulting in better usability for business units, and much more.

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