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Free open source flash CMS core by FancyCMS

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A brand new flash CMS engine was released recently by FancyCMS team.

The open source engine is the fundamental part of the FancyCMS software, which will be released later on featuring a powerful admin interface for the end users.

FancyCMS engine is distributed both under free< and commercial license. This will give developers the ability to test the product before the actual release and use it in their own projects.

FancyCMS engine features:

– Rich content;
– Flash Blog;
– Flash E-commerce;
– SEO-Friendly, Deep Linking;
– Ability to change skins;
– On site search.

FancyCMS core is being released with two premium flash cms templates, representing all the features and abilities of upcoming Fancy Flash CMS.

FancyCMS is available for download from

CMS & Marketing / Free open source flash CMS core by FancyCMSLast updated on January 5, 2019
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