Free advice for those who are having a tough time finding a CMS

Every day I get several emails from people and companies looking to find the perfect platform for their needs. While I try to answer as many as I can, sometimes emails get missed or I run out of time to answer them or they get buried in the mass of incoming emails. For this reason, we launched the CMS Critic Forums.

On our forums, you can post your question and either myself, Kaya or one of our readers can provide you with suggestions as to which product you might want to explore further. Obviously for complicated questions, some of these may require a separate consulting engagement but we'll certainly do our best to point you in the right direction or, at the very least, offer some methods to help you get there.

The forums are a great place for you to:

  • Ask questions
  • Request information on a specific product (How would WordPress work as a realty website?, etc)
  • Share your successes or failure stories (I tried this CMS and it was great or I tried something and hated it and here's my experience).

The benefits to you sharing your experiences with our readers are twofold; if you share a horror story, we might be able to connect you with the right people to resolve your issue or if your story is a successful one, you may inspire someone else with your success.

Either way, please participate and help us grow this community to the best it can be.